Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh Where Is My Hairbrush...

October hit the ground running at our house. The girlies are adjusted into their new school routines. Paige was selected for the Yearbook Committee at her school and is very very excited about it. They had their first meeting this week and she loved it. We may have a budding photographer on our hands! Summer had her first field trip to the Jamestown settlement this past week. I tagged along, because, honestly, if you've never been to Jamestown, you're missing out on something. (My inner history nerd speaking out!). She is very much enjoying the TAG program that she is in. She will also be tested for the Math Express program later this month.
Cheer season is still in full swing. We took on our cross-town rivals, the Back River Panthers, at yesterday's game. Sadly, our Mites team fell 12-0, but out Midgets held on to their 7-0 lead for the win in one of the most exciting games I have seen all season. We have also traveled to Gloucester this month to take on their White Knights and both teams came home with a win. The girls also participated in Poquoson High School's Youth Night at a recent home game. They got to walk across the field during a pre-game ceremony honoring the two Poquoson youth football leagues.
Paige attended her second Junior Cotillion dance last night. The atmosphere seemed much more relaxed this week, as the kids knew what to expect and were much less nervous. Most of them even seemed to have a little fun.
Summer is also tumbling once a week and really enjoys it. Every Wednesday I pick up 4 giggling second graders from school and, if it's my week, drive them to tumbling class, and if it's not, drive them to whomever's week it is to drive.
Paige is also participating in our church's Wednesday night youth program and loving it. Sometime this month, she will also begin acolyte training. I can hardly believe that she is already that old.
Between running the kids around, I have managed to carve out some time for some activities of my own. I am still one of three Team Mom's for Summer's cheer team, a job that I really enjoy. I am serving as this year's President of the Elementary School PTO. I was actually REALLY nervous about addressing the school parents at the recent Back to School Night this past week. Then, the Principal introduced me as Michelle Hargis and I forgot all about it. I joined the Langley OSC this year, but decided against being involved with the board so that I could focus on the commitments I have already made. I DID, however, sign up for OSC Bowling and I love it! We bowl every Tuesday morning. I have to admit, I am a TERRIBLE bowler, but my teammates Stephanie and Chrystal love me anyway.
Dennis will be returning from deployment very soon. I am so very ready for it. Hopefully this will be the last one for our time here at Langley and we can enjoy the area a little more. There is so much to see and do here and I hate that Dennis is missing it. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.
Anyway, that's our life in a nutshell for the last few weeks. I will try to be a better blogger and not let so much build up so you spend half your morning catching up on the happenings with the Hargises!
2nd Grade Jamestown Field Trip

Poquoson Mites and Midgets Cheerleading

Junior Cotillion of Hampton Roads' Fall Festival

Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Inspiration From Vince Lombardi

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will."