Monday, November 7, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankful - Day 2

You HAD to know this one was coming....

Day 2 - My Flyboy
This is my current favorite picture of Den, that I took at the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. I have been in love with my husband since I was 19 years old and today I am so, so thankful that God put him in my path. I could not ask for a better husband and father for my girlies. His pride and devotion to his country and his brothers and sisters in arms inspires me. His steadfast, overwhelming love for his daughters takes my breath away. And for some strange reason or another, he puts up with me too. Hee Hee. Seriously, though, he is everything I never knew that I always wanted and I will give thanks for him every day that I draw breath.

Thirty Days of Thankful - Day 1

The Thirty Days of Thankful Challenge is rampant on Facebook right now, but I don't feel like it's quite enough just to say, "Today I am thankful for...." without explaining why you are thankful for it. I want there to be more of a back story. I realize that I may be a tad behind since it is already November 7th, so I will be doubling up this week. In theory, I will get two "Thankful" posts a day up here. So... here we go.

Day 1 - Phillippians 4:19-20
"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Now unto God and our Father be glory forever and ever. Amen."

Most of you who know me know that I am not flagrant about my faith. My walk with God is a deeply personal journey and I prefer to keep it that way. Like my walk, this verse is particularly personal to me. The song based off of this verse, Jehovah Jirah, has always been a favorite of mine. My Nanny used to sing it sometimes as she was puttering around the house. Quite recently I have realized that this song, and this verse, have more significance to me that just a happy childhood memory. I will tell you the story of the night that I came to that realization.

Two years ago, and a month after relocating here to Virginia, Dennis was a few days out from heading to Iraq for an Exec tour. I have never really worried about Den when he is deployed. I know that sounds bizarre, but I haven't. This time was different though. I knew he was going to be on the ground. I knew he was probably going to be in convoys. I knew he would probably be going into places that put him at risk. And to be honest, it just freaked me the hell out. One night, after everyone had gone to bed, I pretty much just laid out the couch and very quietly went to pieces. After an hour or so, I went to my bible in search of comfort - anything that would let me know that everything was going to be fine. I prayed that God would give me the words I needed to find peace, and then set my bible down on the table, let it fall open, and closed my eyes and pointed. When I opened my eyes and laid eyes on those words, so familiar to me, it brought on a whole new wave of hysteria. But this one was tinged with relief. Words can not express the comfort I found that night. I KNEW everything was going to be fine.

There have been times since that night where I have gone to bed troubled, praying for God's guidance and woken up in the morning at peace with that song running through my head.

That story having been told, today I am thankful that God has given me reassurance, that He has his own special way of reminding me that He's looking out for me.