Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh Where Is My Hairbrush...

October hit the ground running at our house. The girlies are adjusted into their new school routines. Paige was selected for the Yearbook Committee at her school and is very very excited about it. They had their first meeting this week and she loved it. We may have a budding photographer on our hands! Summer had her first field trip to the Jamestown settlement this past week. I tagged along, because, honestly, if you've never been to Jamestown, you're missing out on something. (My inner history nerd speaking out!). She is very much enjoying the TAG program that she is in. She will also be tested for the Math Express program later this month.
Cheer season is still in full swing. We took on our cross-town rivals, the Back River Panthers, at yesterday's game. Sadly, our Mites team fell 12-0, but out Midgets held on to their 7-0 lead for the win in one of the most exciting games I have seen all season. We have also traveled to Gloucester this month to take on their White Knights and both teams came home with a win. The girls also participated in Poquoson High School's Youth Night at a recent home game. They got to walk across the field during a pre-game ceremony honoring the two Poquoson youth football leagues.
Paige attended her second Junior Cotillion dance last night. The atmosphere seemed much more relaxed this week, as the kids knew what to expect and were much less nervous. Most of them even seemed to have a little fun.
Summer is also tumbling once a week and really enjoys it. Every Wednesday I pick up 4 giggling second graders from school and, if it's my week, drive them to tumbling class, and if it's not, drive them to whomever's week it is to drive.
Paige is also participating in our church's Wednesday night youth program and loving it. Sometime this month, she will also begin acolyte training. I can hardly believe that she is already that old.
Between running the kids around, I have managed to carve out some time for some activities of my own. I am still one of three Team Mom's for Summer's cheer team, a job that I really enjoy. I am serving as this year's President of the Elementary School PTO. I was actually REALLY nervous about addressing the school parents at the recent Back to School Night this past week. Then, the Principal introduced me as Michelle Hargis and I forgot all about it. I joined the Langley OSC this year, but decided against being involved with the board so that I could focus on the commitments I have already made. I DID, however, sign up for OSC Bowling and I love it! We bowl every Tuesday morning. I have to admit, I am a TERRIBLE bowler, but my teammates Stephanie and Chrystal love me anyway.
Dennis will be returning from deployment very soon. I am so very ready for it. Hopefully this will be the last one for our time here at Langley and we can enjoy the area a little more. There is so much to see and do here and I hate that Dennis is missing it. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.
Anyway, that's our life in a nutshell for the last few weeks. I will try to be a better blogger and not let so much build up so you spend half your morning catching up on the happenings with the Hargises!
2nd Grade Jamestown Field Trip

Poquoson Mites and Midgets Cheerleading

Junior Cotillion of Hampton Roads' Fall Festival

Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Inspiration From Vince Lombardi

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will."

Monday, September 27, 2010

Junior Cotillion

Paige had her very first Junior Cotillion dance on Saturday. I know, I know, my soccer playing nature girl at a Cotillion? Surprisingly, yes, and she LOVED it, white gloves and all. The theme of this first dance was a Silver Jubilee in honor of Junior Cotillion of Hampton Roads' 25th anniversary. The kids learned some age appropriate dances like the Cha Cha and were taught the proper way to go through a receiving line. That, I might add will definitely come in handy for Paige, as we go through several recieving lines a year at various Air Force functions.

We took these pictures on my friend Tammy's front porch. Aren't her fall decorations gorgeous?

Paige and her girlfriends - Christy, Lexi, Sydney, Paige, Cameron, Kaylie, and Emma

Time for the dancing!

The Poquoson Crew - Back Row: Christy, Sydney, Kyle, Sean, Austin, Collin, Cameron, Paige, Brody, Kaylie, and Lexi. Front Row: Emma, Scott, Patrick, Mason, and Eliza

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hee Hee

Since this is the Hargis FAMILY website, Paige decided that she wanted to share this video with the world.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Because They Are Just That Cute....

Here is a second day of school picture!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

Well, we survived the first day of school here at the Hargis house. I can hardly believe that the girls are in fifth and second grade. Paige will be changing classes for the first time this year and will have a great opportunity to make some new friends since she only knows three people in her homeroom! Summer, on the other hand is in hog heaven. She knows ALL the kids in her class and her entire posse is in there with her. I have heard nothing but good things about all of their teachers. I think it's going to be a great year!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Out of Order

Every deployment's drama seems to have a theme to it. Korea was the plumbing. Apparently this one is electronics. My laptop got a horrible virus that completely crashed it the day after Den left. Luke, my favorite computer genius, was able to finally clear it all out and get it up and running again. A few weeks later the charging port broke off the motherboard, effectively making my laptop a very expensive paper weight. Unless I am willing to send my computer and $250 to HP (which I am decidedly not) it will remain that way. So, I think, "Wellllll, it's not that big of a deal. The desk top is a little slow, but it will suffice for now....." 2 weeks later, something corrupted the operating system, rendering it completely useless. When it rains it pours. I took it to Luke on Monday and he is trying to save it for me. God bless a man who works for homemade cookies. Until further notice, I am offline. I saw a mousepad once that said, "A clean house is a sign of a broken computer." My house is spotless.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We had the opportunity to spend Fourth of July weekend with our great friends the McClintocks. I will post more pics later, but I thought I would share this little video. (I apologize in advance to those who suffer from motion sickness or have no desire to see video of my fingers.) We all agreed to keep our visit a secret from Lexi. Here she is getting her surprise!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Such a Blessing

Most of you have heard me sing the praises of Paige's 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Hancock. Being a military wife, she was exactly what Paige needed while Den was deployed. Her daughter, Caroline also ended up becoming one of Summer's besties.

What I haven't talked about is the rest of Paige's class. Maybe I'm a little biased, but I think they were probably the best 4th grade class in the school. Almost the entire class made the honor roll every quarter. They all got along, they were supportive and encouraging of each other, and were all a pleasure to be around.

At the end of the year, Mrs. Hancock sent out the nicest poem with a picture of the class and I just felt like I needed to share it...

I've worked with your flower,
And helped it to grow.
I'm returning it now,
But I want you to know...
This flower is precious
As dear as can be.
Love it...take care of it
And you will see
A bright new bloom
with everyday...
It grows in such a special way.
In September...a bud, Midterm...half-bloom;
Now...a lovely blossom
Comes home to you in June.
Remember this flower
As dear as can be,
Though rightfully yours...
Part...belongs to me!

I Have Not, Actually Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth

I am a bad, bad blogger. Other than quick posts about my birthday and Paige's, I haven't blogged in over a month. I've been exploring Tampa with the girls and trying to finish up my two classes. For those of you who care about that sort of thing, I did finish, but with less than satisfactory B's in both. Unfortunately there are more distractions to my studies than I would like. That being said, I am thoroughly planning on enjoying my week off before the next one starts.

I wish I had more to say about Den, other than he is doing well. He works long hours in a building that I can not go in, doing a job that he can not tell me anything about, and works with people who I will most likely never meet. What can I say, it is what it is.

The girls are I are thoroughly enjoying our extended vacation. We have been all over Tampa and then some. The girls and I spend a lot of time at the apartment complex we are staying in's pool. We go it on our own during the week and the weekends have been passing by in a blur of family fun, which, since it is raining buckets today, I may actually got up here on the blog.

Our next adventure is taking us to Eglin AFB to see the McClintocks for the Fourth of July. I am especially looking forward to it. They are great friends and the girls, especially Paige, are beside themselves with excitement about seeing Lexi before they head back west to Colorado.

That's all for now. I am going to go and feed the girlies and try and come up with something we can do in the rain!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Decade of Decadence

Hey Paigie, it's your birthday. Hey Paigie, it's your birthday. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday dear Paigie. Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuu!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

I had an awesome 32nd birthday yesterday! The girls and I started off the day with a Memorial Day service at Poquoson City Hall and they got to help lead the pledge of allegiance. Then we had lunch at the Taco Chicken Hut with some great friends from church, the Bardens and the Freemans. After making a quick run to Bed Bath and Beyond and Target for beach towels and pool toys, you guessed it, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. Best of all, though, was a DEE-LISH-US birthday dinner over in the 'hood. (Our entire group of friends (except us) that we hang out with on a regular basis all live in the same neighborhood) It was such a great, low key day, and exactly what I needed!

Some of you may know of the problems that had been plaguing me with my Patriot. Mechanically, it was sound enough, but other than that it was just really poorly made. The last straw was when the door moldings started falling off. Absolutely ridiculous. SO, for my birthday, Den bought me this!!! 2010 Ford Fusion. It is fully loaded with everything Ford offers except parallel park assist, and it is getting 30 mpg city and over 40 on the highway! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this car!

I was hoping to have pictures from yesterday to show you, but my camera is on the fritz. Apparently this deployment's issue is going to be electronics. First my computer, now my camera, which has been out of warranty for all of 2 months. Grrr.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Today I Remember My Friend

Normally, on Memorial Day I would post a moving video and pay tribute to the fallen soldiers whose faces I will never know. Not this year. This year I am honoring my friend, Lt Col. Mike Phillips. I met Mike and his truly amazing wife, Deanna, (I am not kidding, the woman is a force of nature) in Tucson while Den was going through the B-course, and they came to be two of the most peaceful and inspiring influences on my life. I would not have made it throught that first long separation without them. God called Mike home just a few short months ago. I know that he is missed and well remembered today.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Decade In The Making

My kid sister is now a Masters of Divinity! It was so awesome to see all her hard work and struggles pay off. Plus, it was a chance to catch up with some of the fam who I have not seen in SOOO long. Congratulations J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may notice mine and the girls' attire for the graduation was definitely less than appropriate. Despite allowing myself PLENTY of time to get to Philly from Virginia, we pulled in to the parking lot right as the intro to Pomp and Circumstance began to play. Thank you Baltimore traffic for causing me to have to wear sweatpants and a tank top to one of the most significant events in my sister's life. Maybe I'll wear pajamas to her wedding.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

For the Love of the Game

Summer decided to try her hand at baseball this year. We were fortunate to have one of her besties, Maddie on the team too. The two girls stuck together and had a great time. I am working on regrouping my pictures into new storage albums, so consider this her highlight reel!