Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kickin' It Old School

Den and I got Summer this "Boom Box" for her iPod. Her choice of music for this video could not have been more perfect if I had picked it myself.

ACES Chorus Holiday Musical

Summer's elementary school chorus presented an adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas as their Holiday Musical. Summer entertained us with a solo in Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree. I, of course, forgot my camera. Thankfully, my sweet friend Laurie took some pictures for me. I will add them to the post when I get them.

Christmas Christmas Time Is Here

I'm not going to lie. Christmas this year was a tough one. Between Den not being here and it being so warm, my Christmas spirit was in short supply. That being said, the girlies and I had a wonderful Christmas. We are so blessed to be around so many people that care about us. The girls spent the 24th tracking Santa across the globe, waiting anxiously for his to make his run through Afghanistan. Their sweet, "Merry Christmas Daddy" as they watched Santa fly through the Kabul sky sent me for a few minutes in my room to pull myself together. We attended the Christmas Eve service at church then had a great dinner with our next-door neighbors (forgot my camera). Then it was home to get into jammies, suffer through Mom's mandatory photo session, and listen to Daddy read Twas The Night Before Christmas via Face Time. The girlies put out the cookies and milk for Santa and then nestled all snug in MY bed.

Christmas morning they bounded out bed to find that apparently they had been good this year and Santa had filled the family room with presents. Daddy Face Timed in and we were able to open gifts together as a family. The rest of Christmas Day was spent assembling and playing with all the amazing gifts in our pajamas. (Camera battery died, so I will be taking THOSE pictures throughout the next day or so) Watching the girls attempt to assemble their own "Some Assembly Required" toys was good for quite a few laughs from Mom. Our friend Jill joined us for Christmas dinner, which was nice and then we wound up the day with a game of Life. Unfortunately, thanks to an unrealized issue with my phone, we did not get to talk to all of the friends and family that we wanted to, but that is also something that we will be remedying today.

I hope all of you had as blessed a Christmas as we did. We are greatly looking forward to 2013, which will see our family reunited and off on some wonderful new adventures.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

RealKids Christmas Program

This is the elementary-aged kids Christmas program at our church. For those of you who can't make it out, Summer is in the back row on the far right with the bow in her hair.