Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Out Like A Lamb?

March continued to be a busy month here at Casa De Haggis. Spring officially arrived and the desert is in full bloom. While the rest of the country was still getting snowed on, we were enjoying glorious temps in the high 70's. As usual, we packed as much fun as we could into 31 days.

We went to the zoo to see the lion cubs, who were SO cute.

We had a great time at the DM50 Picnic, which included cotton candy, hot dogs, snow cones, a petting zoo, a tour of the Boneyard, and...

Sticking to the wall!

Paige submitted her Family History Project that she has been working on all year and it was on display along with her Science Fair project, a miniature model of the Globe Theater, some geometric origami, and a lot of her artwork at Emily Gray Junior High's annual Academic Showcase

Not to be outdone, Summer shared her stories with her reading buddy at Agua Caliente Elementary's Young Authors' Celebration

We got to spend some quality fun time with this little guy while his mom was on bedrest waiting for the arrival of his little sister, Caroline.

Paige got all dressed up to volunteer at the "Senior" Prom at her best friend's church. They had a blast with the older folks from the church.

As a special treat my friend Stephanie's son Travis stopped through Tucson on his T-6 Cross Country. We treated his to some authentic Tucson - Sonoran Dogs at El Guero Canelo on the south side.

Summer turned 11

And had a birthday party (more on that one later)

 We spent Spring Break camping, hiking, and relaxing at Kartchner Caverns State Park in Benson (again, more about that one later)

Daisy and Diesel endured a bath (this is not really a significant March occurence, but they HATE baths and the looks on their faces are priceless)

Summer's birthday and Spring Break warrant posts all their own, but I'll have to get to those later. The dryer is singing the "Come Empty Me" song. We look forward to as fun an April as we had a March.