Thursday, March 17, 2011

PPS Art Show and Book Fair

Since it is after midnight and I am getting kinda tired, my next post or two are going to be all about the pictures. My brain is just to sleep deprived to be witty. Darn Spring Forward!
Tonight was Summer's school's Art Show / Book Fair / Relay For Life extravaganza. Here are a few shots from the evening's festivities.
PPS's anti-bullying program is called Bucket Fillers and they learn all about how when you are kind to people you are filling their bucket and when you are unkind, you dip from both their bucket and your own. Their assignment was to design a book cover for a book about Bucket Filling. Unbeknownst to me, it was actually a contest and for the second grade, Summer WON! Yay Lulu! This was her winning design. Please note her spelling of the word bucket. LOL.

Also on display were her Chinese landscape, her diorama of a Taiga Habitat (not pictured), and her Statue of Liberty.

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