Saturday, May 4, 2013

Use Your Stash Challenge

Have you ever heard of a Use Your Stash Challenge? I originally came across the idea a few years ago when I was browsing Two Peas In A Bucket, my favorite scrapbooking site. I ran across their Scrap Your Stash Challenge, and since then I try to do one every once in a while, one because it's fun, and two, because I have been thinking about switching to digital scrapbooks but have a ton of supplies that would be wasted if I did.

This morning, as I was surveying the MESS that the girls made in the pantry while putting the groceries away, I had a thought. Why couldn't I apply the Use Your Stash Challenge concept to all those random ingredients that I have in the pantry? You know the ones... all the ingredients for that awesome sounding meal that you never get around to making?

So here it is Guys and Dolls - I challenge you to find somewhere in your life where you have a stash - the pantry, your craft supplies, your closet, your make-up drawer, whatever. Clean it out... Use it up... Repurpose or Recycle it... Since this is a challenge, there will be a PRIZE! If you're a blogger (or pretend to be), write up a post and leave a link to it in the Comments section. If not, just leave a comment telling me what you did. I'll let the challenge go all month, and then, on 1 June, I will pick a winner.

Here's one stash I am hoping to get into this challenge - this giant Rubbermaid tub contains all the girls' outgrown clothes that I have been hauling around with me from state to state with every intention of consigning or reselling them one of these days. Right now it is taking up entirely too much space in my office. 

I hope that you will take on this challenge with me. In my experience, they really are kind of fun. As a bonus, some cluttered part of your life will be cluttered no more. I can't wait to see what y'all come up with!

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