Sunday, March 9, 2014

MDS Walk and The Zoo at Reid Park

On Saturday, the Haggis fam was so very privileged to be able to join Team Anjalyn in the Tucson MDS Walk at Reid Park. Anjalyn Lovendahl was my hairdresser and dear friend Sarah's sister-in-law. She was diagnosed with MS several years ago and was very active with the Tucson Walk. Tragically, Anjalyn was killed in a car accident in January at the age of 25. Anjalyn's passing left a huge hole in the MDS Walk organization and Sarah quickly stepped up to fill her shoes. Team Anjalyn was the second highest fundraiser for the walk. It was an honor to join such a great group of people for such a worthy cause

Sarah gave such a beautiful testament to Anjalyn's life and mission

After the walk, since we were already at Reid Park, we decided to pop on over to the zoo to see the new lion cubs. Unfortunately, we just missed them. The zookeepers had just put them up to all Shombay some sunshine.

The giraffes put on quite a display for us. One of my favorite parts about the Reid Park Zoo is the proximity to which you can come to the animals. The giraffes are very sociable and will come very close. 

Photo Bomb by the Zoo's yearling giraffe

The Zoo's newest additions, two young brown bears, had already settled in for their afternoon siesta

The elephants' area of the Zoo has tons of interactive features

The Zoo's yearling elephant calf

Squirrel Love!

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