Saturday, November 7, 2009

End of the Season

Summer's cheer season ended today. She had SUCH a great time and loves loves loves being a cheerleader. She was actually a little sad that it was over. Paige's team made it into the playoffs, so she has another week or two to go. Here is a photo montage of Summer's first cheer season.

She worked so had on this all season and was so proud to show it off at the last game.

First day of practice. It was SOOO hot and sticky.

First Game - with her bestie Ashlyn and her other friends Kristen, Lauren, and Bailey.

The half-time routine. As soon as I get my video camera fixed I will post a video.


Everybody do the Islander Beat.

3rd quarter break with her BFF's Julia and Ashlyn and her friend MacKenzie.

Look who won the Spirit Stick!!!


I am so glad we went ahead and bought the warmups. It was 50 degrees here!

Always a Daddy's girl.

California oranges. Texas cactus. We think your team needs a little practice....

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