Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Triple T Tour 2011 - Stop 1 - Camp Poppy

We recently got back from our Triple T Tour. (Tour of Texas with a stop in Tennessee) We try and make this trip as often as we can to see our families. We haven't gotten home as much as we would like to since we've been out in Virginia thanks to our busy schedules during the school year and Den's summer deployments.

Our first and last stops are always Den's dad's house in Tennessee. Up until this year he and Den's stepmom Neda have been in Franklin, TN, which is a suburb of Nashville. Last year, they bought a little lakeside cabin in Sparta. It's such a beautiful, peaceful place. It's always a nice stop at the end of a hectic trip.

The cabin literally sits on the banks of a small lake. We were able to go canoeing and fishing, and the girls fattened up an entire flock of ducks while we were there.

We also managed to get in some pool time at the local YMCA.

Going to Hayes and Neda's cabin is like going to camp. Mostly, because it is located on an old summer camp from the 50's. It turned residential, and kind of got a little run down. It is currently going through a rejuvenation process with the hopes of returning it to its glory days. Hayes is heading up the gargantuan task and is getting some results. They have reclaimed a park area and convinced some of the less tidy residents to clean up their properties. They are slowly but surely clearing the lake of the sea of lily pads that have taken it over.

Summer decided that wearing her sunglasses while roasting marshmallows would keep the smoke out of her eyes. Sound logic, I guess.
This is the park that the restoration group has been working on. They have put in sand volleyball and badminton and are hoping to get a soccer field in place as well. They have also cleared out the huge old bonfire ring on the shore of the lake. Hayes made all the signs for the park.

I have quite a few more pictures from Poppy's house that for some reason have not made it onto my computer yet. I will have to track them down and post them later. Right now I have to get my hiney in gear. Summer has an orthodontist appointment in an hour and a half and here I sit still in my pajamas!

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