Friday, August 5, 2011

Kiptopeke State Park

For our final campering trip with the Lindlers before Bryan deploys, we decided to stick close to home. So, we crossed the engineering marvel that is the Cheapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel and heated to the Eastern Shore and Kiptopeke State Park. We were a little iffy about the park beforehand. There were a lot of complaints on TripAdvisor about the cleanliness of the place. Wow, were they wrong!!! The campground and beach were immaculate! The campsites were spacious and there was plenty of grass for the kiddos and the dogs. There wasn't much shade in the campsites themselves, which was unfortunate, since we went during the hottest weekend of the year, thus far. The water in the Bay, however, was nice and cool and clear and perfect for paddleboarding. The beach was nice and clean and not super crowded. There was plenty of wildlife around for Paige, which made her much happy. All in all it was a wonderful, relaxing trip.

The calm, cool, Chesapeake Bay

Den and Diesel

Horseshoe Crabs

Look at this sand!

Hermit crabs

We had a beautiful sunset. Paige took these pictures.

Looking down the shore from the boardwalk

As I mentioned above, there wasn't a whole lot of shade, so the boys went to the camp store and then made their own.

Day 2 was for Paddleboarding! Paige took to it like a champ and LOVED it. Now she wants her own SUP.

While Summer was getting her paddleboarding lesson, P put in a little time on the boogie board

Summer's turn!

She decided that this was a much better way to do it.

Kat gave it a go too. I tried it, but chickened out before I actually got to a standing position.

Did I mention the jellyfish?

One of the reasons a SUP is preferrable to a surfboard. LOL.

Yes, Paige is meditating. This pic is a little fuzzy because I was laughing so hard.

Summer decided to take a break from the water and build sandcastles with McKenzie

Then again, maybe this is the way to do it!

One last trip out before dark

Pufferfish. It was amazing how clear the water was.

Bryan and CJ caught us some blue crabs for dessert.

The kids passed the time while we were making dinner with a deck of cards. No video games in sight.

One of the perks of Bryan and Kat's new 5th Wheel? Outside movie night!

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