Friday, August 12, 2011

Beach Day

Sad but true, the summer is winding down. In a couple of weeks, it will be back to the books - in MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! By some miracle, Paige and her buddies all had a free day, so off to the beach we all went. The girls wore themselve out in the water and we moms got a chance to catch up after a summer full of travels, and baseball, and this, and that. If summer has to end, this was a good way to do it.

Emma, Paige, Lexi, Christy, and Kaylie. This one may be a framer.

And... here it is in color. See what a beautiful day it was? It was 85 degrees and the offshore breeze was wonderful.
They did take breaks from their boogie boards to dig a massive pit in the sand.

Paige and Kaylie

It's a whole pile of trouble!

The waves started picking up after lunch, so they abandoned their boogie boards and jumped around in the waves for about an hour.

And here's their good sides - Paige, Emma, Lexi, Christy. and Kaylie

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  1. So jealous y'all got to go to the beach! Best way to end the summer! I love the sepia pic of them! Definitely a frame-er. It's one of THOSE pics. Isn't it sad that summer is already over? Feels like it just started! And I can't believe that Paige is starting Middle School! CRAZY! How do you feel about it? Oooo...what about Dennis?