Friday, December 30, 2011

Shaggedy Shag

The floors in our house are cold. I don't know if it's inferior insulation, or what. On the rare occasion that we eat dinner at the coffee table, the girls always have to pull out a blanket to sit on. (No food on the couches!) Pair that, with the fact that playing the Kinect that my grandparents got us for Christmas on said hard floor is hard on the ol' joints and Viola..... time to go rug shopping.

I had seen a rug I really like at Home Depot when we first moved here, but we decided not to buy it since our living room was carpeted. Since that was three years ago, of course they didn't have it any more. It was a nice rich chocolate brown with tan, cream, and robin's egg blue woven into the shag. LOVED IT!

After trips to every store we could think of that had rugs, in the rain, with disgruntled girlies (How dare we drag them around rug shopping on their vacation?) we decided to try the Lowes in Hampton. We had already been to the one in Newport News and didn't find squat. I looked at every rug and remnant they had and... nothing. Then, I pulled back one of the sliders that the special order rugs hang on and, like a ray from Heaven, the light fell on the color swatches for one of the rugs. There it was.... My rug from three years ago. I had skimmed past it because the display rug was beige. After doing a little dance of joy, I drug Den and the salesman over and ordered it! PLUS they were running a 20% off special order rugs deal AND we got a 10% off military discount. Oh, and it ships directly to our door for free.

This is the rug we ordered. You can't really see the other colors woven into the shag,
but I promise when it gets here I will take a close-up. It's made by Shaw Living and is the Shaggedy Shag 8x10 area rug in Cocoa Multi.
Since, my new brown, blue, and cream rug no longer matches the red window valances in my great room, I guess I'll be needing new ones :). Oh, and a new kitchen rug since it's all one big room. And maybe some new dish towels......

We took all the Christmas decorations down yesterday and now I can't remember what I had on the mantle, so I will be looking for ideas over the next few days. That's another post for another day.

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