Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hoopsical Seussical

The last couple of days have incorporated two of my favorite things - Basketball and Dr. Seuss! Yesterday, both girls' schools gave a nod to the good Dr. with giant birthday cakes and the middle school sponsored a Dr. Seuss dance last night, including a costume contest.

Paige wanted me to make sure to point out that she did her own hair and makeup this time.

Paige went to the dance as a Dr Seuss storybook. She WON the costume contest. For those of you shaking your heads, I did not buy this skirt, or Summer's for that matter, just for today. We already had both of them. And the necklace too. Did you miss above where I said I LOVE Dr. Seuss?

Summer took her Dr. Seuss outfit to a whole new level. It was her idea to put the pettiskirt under her skirt and I have to admit, it was a good one.

The girls' friend Ericka came over after school on Thursday and we ended up hauling the hoop into position and getting our game on. I would just like to point out here, that I LOVE basketball. It's my absolute favorite sport and it just kills me that neither of the girlies has any interest in playing it at all. I even offered to coach their team...

Summer, Ericka, and Paige. Azure, I am pretty sure if you morphed a picture of Paige and a picture of Ciara together, it would look a lot like Ericka.

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