Monday, February 27, 2012

Go West, Young Man...

Well, the word's out. Shortly after school lets out here in Virginia, the Hargises are packing up and retracing our steps all the way back to Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson. There have been a few people here who can't understand WHY we would be excited about going back to the desert and it's 110* summers. Here are a few reasons....

Waking up to a sunrise that looks like this
And sitting outside in the evening to a sunset like this.
The smell of the rain on the desert. It's like nothing you've ever smelled
REALLY putting the Jeep through it's paces
Ahh, Mt. Lemmon
There are other places and faces we will be glad to see as well. Paige is excited to be old enough to volunteer at the Reid Park Zoo and my life has gone on long enough without an Iced Teagee. But most of all, we have missed.....

Hello Love-ah!

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