Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekly Savings Roundup

Here's my savings round-up from last week!

Food Lion - I saved $9.20 with my MVP card and $2.15 in coupons for a savings of $11.35
Ulta - I saved $2.00 with my Ulta card and $7.50 in coupons for a savings of $9.50
Commissary - I saved $24.74 in coupons
Rite Aid - This one was a big saver again this week! I saved $56.95 with my Rite Aid card and $41.00 in coupons, for a savings of $97.95! PLUS I got a $20 rebate on Paige's toothbrush that will count toward another week's total.
BX - I saved $3.00 in coupons and I got a $.05 bag credit for a savings of $3.05 BUT I hit their 75% off sale on clothes for the girls and saved $209.96!
Justice - I cashed in my $25 Fun Card for a savings of $25.

That brings my grand total savings for the week to $171.59 and my total squirreled away for next year's vacay to $298.30!!!

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