Tuesday, August 14, 2012

School Days, School Days, Dear Ol' Golden Rule Days

It seems like the first day of school keeps getting earlier and earlier. Being on the east coast was a nice reprieve. School actually started in the fall. Back out here in the desert, the girlies' school year started on August 8th! We've been at it a week now, so I figured it was time to get these pics up on the blog.

The obligatory sisters pic (taken horizontally, you're welcome Auntie JuJu)

My big 4th grader! Ashley Worrell, please notice the pearls. She wanted to wear her pearls like Ashley!

OK, get ready for this one... my big 7th grader! That's right, junior high folks!

I know that Paige went to middle school last year, but for some reason seeing her walk in under that giant junior high sign had me tearing up. Where has the time gone?

We had to park a good quarter mile from Summer's school and walk!

Welcome to Mrs. Ayres' 4th grade class.

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