Saturday, April 6, 2013

6 Weeks

Six weeks since my last blog post. Bad Sarah...No cookie! Here's a quick photo montage of March and the beginning of April.

Paige and I made a quick stop at the Heritage Conference at DM. See those legs on the ladder? That's John Cowart and he and I went to high school together.

We had the privilege of joining the Duerkop Dynamos in this year's MDA walk at Reid Park. Little Sam is one of the sweetest, spunkiest kids I've ever met. Those girls had to hustle to keep up with him!

A new man-toy arrived at Casa de Haggis, despite the fact that the resident man is thousands of miles away

Summer's school held their annual Young Readers' Celebration. This is Summer reading some of her stories to her Book Buddy, Macee.

Our indoor cat, Gidget has started making a break for it every time the back door opens. She runs outside, rolls in the dirt as fast as she can, and then eats grass. I have more pics on my phone, so I will post those later

Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan made a special appearance at DM in support of all the deployed families here. He put on a great show and is a real class act. It was awesome.

 My momma came to visit!!!

Mom went home on Easter Sunday, so the girlies and I attended the later Gospel Service on base. It was definitely a divergence from what we are used to, but it was a lot of fun.

While not the sea of daffodils and azaleas that we had for Easter last year, I DID manage to find some flowers for Easter pictures.

Not pictured are the pics from Summer's birthday. We had a very low-key family celebration because she decided to postpone her birthday party until Den could come home to make her cake. The pics are on my phone, so they will have to come later.

Our biggest announcement and the reason for the change of scenery on the Blog is that Den is due home next week!!! Hooray!!! Happy Dance!!!

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