Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014 Disneyland Vacation - Disneyland Day!

We spent our first day in the parks at Disneyland since we had a Magic Morning that day. We went into this trip with essentially no plan, which is so against the grain for me that it's not even funny. It turned out to be nice though. We had a lot of fun watching all the people racing to be first and dragging their kids around as we leisurely strolled from land to land, riding whatever we felt like, stopping for snack when we felt like it, and just enjoying the day together.

All smiles in the turnstile line.

Managed a entry picture with nobody else in it!

Obligatory Main Street, Friends Statue, and Castle Pics

 We actually all really love the Astro Orbiter and it is usually one of our first rides when we go to Disney. It offers some spectacular views of the park, especially in the early morning sunlight. I love this picture, btw. I think I'll make it my Facebook profile.

Thank God for selfies so I am actually in some of our vacation photos this year.

The Matterhorn. Summer made it her mission on this trip to be in the front seat of all the rides. Who's kid is this???

We're all mad on the teacups!

 Love, Love, Love The Haunted Mansion. It has always been one of my favorite rides.

The girls have spent weeks reading up on random Disney facts like the fact that the evil queen appears in the window of the Snow White ride every few minutes and that if you rub the brass apple at the entrance to the ride the witch cackles. The latter was much to the delight of the little girls behind us in line.

Next up, King Arthur's Carousel and a chance to pull the sword from the stone. We were not worthy....

Finding Nemo

Now that the girls are older, meeting wasn't really a part of our agenda (which we didn't have anyway), but when we happened upon Woody and Jessie with pretty much no line, we HAD to stop and get a picture.

A Disney first for us - Dole Whips!

Cinderella is always a must-see for Summer.

 After a quick dinner back at the hotel, we made it back just in time for the evening parade where we finally caught a glimpse of the characters from Frozen.

To me, the look on her face is the embodiment of Disney Magic.....

After the parade we toodled around for a bit, rode a few more rides, and then headed back to the hotel from some sleep.

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