Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Snow Day

We had a weather system move through at the end of last week, and you know what that means!!!! Snow on Mt. Lemmon!!!!! It was a comedy of errors around here this morning trying to find enough cold weather gear to outfit everyone for a trip up the mountain, especially when the princess insisted she had to have things that matched her new coat. Insert an I-created-this-monster-and-now-I-have-to-live-with-her eye roll here. Once we got everyone geared up and blew the 1000 layers of dust off of the saucer, we headed up to 7000 feet to find winter.

Snowball Fight! There's been a lot of melt over the last few days, so it ended up being more of an ice ball fight and got abandoned pretty quickly.

I will forever treasure the next 3 pictures. The first two sum up the girlies' relationship with one another and the third, their personalities.

 We headed a little deeper into the canyon and found some pretty good sledding. Thanks to all the ice, there were some pretty fast runs.

They even got me on the sled!

Once our hineys were are frozen, it was time to build a snowman.... sort of.

We decided that it looked more like an owl than a man, so it became a snowy owl.

After a few more sled runs, we headed back up to the truck for a snack of Christmas cookies and oranges before stripping off our snow gear and heading back down to 70* Tucson. We are looking forward to many more trips up the mountain this winter!

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