Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Revisited

After our wild and crazy Easter morning at Haggis Manor, we headed over to the Side Door Service at Tabernacle UMC, which is our church home here in Virginia. The girls were able to participate in the annuam TUMC Easter Egg Hunt. The youth really outdid themselves this year, hiding over 500 eggs. The little ones had a free for all in the field next to the church and the older kids got sent into the woods for a bit more challenging hunt. After the hunt we settled in to listen to Pastor Brent's message about the empty Easter egg. It was a wonderful sermon.

Look at those cherry blossoms!

We went with non-traditional dresses for Easter this year since we already had these (from Den's Iraq homecoming) and I forgot to get them Easter dresses before my surgery.

Run Paigie!

Frolicking in a field of colorful plastic eggs.

I love this picture. It reminds me of the sasquatch pictures you see on TV.

Paige had a close encounter with a bramble bush.

It took her a while to get free.

Summer got her quota.

My attempt at artistic photography.

Summer trying to walk in the fabulous wedge high heels that she insisted she needed.

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