Saturday, April 17, 2010

Have Wheels Will Travel

The great mobility saga continues. Friday I went back to the doctor to have my cast removed, my foot x-rayed, and a new cast put on. Summer accompanied me to my appointment following her dentist drama (more about that in a later post) and decided that my new cast should match her baseball uniform. Thankfully, as it turns out, Paige's soccer team is also green, sparing me any conflict on that front. Anyway, here is my shiny new green cast. If you think to yourself, "Hey, that one looks way bigger than the last one", you would be right.

Anyone who has been on crutches for any length of time, know how uncomfortable they end up being. I can honestly say that I HATE them. When I mentioned this to Dr. Contreras, he put in for a groovy Roll-A-Bout, which essentially is a four wheeled scooter with a platform to rest my leg on. It has been such a Godsend. My life is a lot less frustrating when I don't have to make multiple trips to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. Still the problem remained that I couldn't really carry much at a time. The solution? A cheapy bicycle basket from K-Mart. Laugh if you will (no really, go ahead, I am), but I am a happy girl!

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