Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Today, while Den and the crew were working on the endless ceiling project, I decided to tackle the refrigerator. I can honestly say that it was absolutely disgusting. Seriously, I think they let their dog sleep in the freezer. I followed the directions in the owner's manual and turned off the fridge, then removed all the shelves, drawers, etc, and washed them in warm antibacterial soapy water. I put them out in the sun to dry and then gloved up to tackle the inside of the fridge and freezer. At one time there had been some kind of chocolate ice cream with nuts in it spilled AND THEY JUST LEFT IT THERE! It had fossilized and I ended up having to rustle up one of the scrapers the drywall guys used to scrape the ceiling to get it up. There were stains and spilled food galore. I would never turn my house over to someone and leave something so filthy.

After everything was clean and dry, I turned the fridge back on, and nothing. The compressor didn't kick in, the lights didn't come on, nothing. That baby was totally dead in the water. After several hours and phone calls to GE (who informed me that my refrigerator was purchased in 1988), my realtor, my sister, and anyone else who would listen to me rant about the damn dead refrigerator, my phone was low on battery, so I plugged it in to the GFI outlet in the kitchen. I noticed that it wasn't charging, so I reset the GFI, and VOILA!!! the refrigerator was resurrected. The genius electrician who installed the GFI's in the kitchen before we closed on the house put the outlet that the refrigerator plugs into on the GFI circuit. Are you kidding me? In what universe does that seem like a good idea? Needless to say, Mr. Electric will be getting a phone call from me in the morning. Thankfully, though, we did not have any perishables in the refrigerator, so the worst thing that happened was that the beer got warm. All's well that ends well, I guess.

Oh, and thanks to all my pacing, and complaining, I forgot to reapply the girlies' sunscreen, so I have two pink kiddos tonight. Looks like we will be taking a break from the pool tomorrow.

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