Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just Be Patient... I'm A Work In Progress

I thought I would take the opportunity to showcase what we have managed to get done in the house so far this week. The unpacking is going well, there have been few damages, and most importantly, we have found someone to take our boxes and packing paper off of our hands. Thank you Brooke!!!!! We are thoroughly enjoying our new house and look forward to finding a place for everything and putting everything in it's place.

This is Summer's room. We allowed the girls to pick their own room colors, and this blinding green is what she chose. :)

No surprise, Paige opted for hot pink.

I chose a nice sunny yellow for the room that will eventually be the guest bedroom/office. Don't you just love my makeshift desk? For those of you who were wondering, Gidget is acclimating nicely to the new house and particularly enjoys sitting in the nice deep window sills.

The master bathroom. The rug's gotta go and I have to either paint over or hang something over the ivy stenciling. Other than that, it's pretty much finished.

This is our bedroom. Den found the Mexican rug at a farmer's market a couple of weeks ago and it went so nicely in here. The brown dresser will get the same paint treatment as the white eventually. I was trying to decide if I liked that lamp in there and now that I see a picture of it, I do not.

This is the girls' bathroom. It may or may not get paint.

This will eventually be the family room

The dining room is a little awkward with the furniture that we have, so right now we are using it as a staging area for unpacking. 

The kitchen is pretty much unpacked with the exception of hanging things on the walls.

Last but not least, is the living room. This fabulous turquoise was already on the walls and I totally love it so it got to stay. As you can see, there are a few more boxes to unpack, and sadly, our coffee table doesn't fit, but this room is pretty close to being done.

So, there you have it. We are getting there slowly but surely. Dennis went back to work on Monday, so we are down one unpacker, but the girlies and I are charging on along. I'll post the finished product as soon as the last box is pitched out the door.

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