Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Making This House Our Home: Days 1&2

We closed on our new house on Monday. It's a beautiful acre at the base of Mt. Lemmon. We are using the next five days to make some upgrades to the house and really begin to make it our home.

Our little piece of the desert

We bought this sign on our last trip to Shenandoah Valley Campground to match the
"Casita de Haggis" sign we bought for the camper last year.

The girls have spent pretty much all of the last two days in the pool

I LOVE this turquoise wall. It is totally staying.

Hopefully there will be many wonderful meals shared with family and friends in this
dining room. I am now taking suggestions for a color.

Time to start the dirty work - taking down the popcorn ceiling.

Natalie from Goldy Locks came and gave us all new locks

Day 2: time to play in the mud!

When we pulled up the carpet in the bedrooms we ran across the hot 1977 linoleum!

We ended up having to remove some drywall and the baseboard from this closet
thanks to the previous owners' marking dogs.

I'll be posting pictures of our renovations as we go. I am so excited to begin our new life here out west in our new home.

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