Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Marykaysarah Auctions

I am seriously downsizing here folks. The girlies both had pretty significant growth spurts over the summer so I am ebaying their outgrown stuff - starting with shoes. Here is the link to my auctions and here is what is up for grabs.

Xhileration Size 4

Ariat Sz. 2

Justice Sz. 3

Converse Cheerleading Shoes Sz. 6 (fits like a 4)

Hanna Andersson Sz. 2-3

Gotta Flurt Sz. 3

Skechers Sz. 3.5

Merona Sz. 5.5

Adidas Sz. 3

Vans Sz. 2.5

Converse Sz. 1

Converse Sz. 3

Vans Sz. 5

Converse Sz. 2

Converse Sz. 2

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