Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Care Package Numero Uno

I sent Den's first care package on Monday. I forgot to take any pics of it because the new online Customs form had me so irritated. Thanks to many hours on Pinterest, I have decided that each care package (1 a week) that we send will have a theme.

#1's theme was a little ditty that Den and the girlies have been saying at bedtime since they were tiny. It goes, "Sleep Tight. Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite. If They Do, Hit Them With A Shoe And They'll Turn Blue." They all race to see who can say it the fastest with and emphatic HA! at the end for the winner.

The whole idea for this care package revolved around this blanket. The is the beloved polar bear blanket as the girlies call it. I bought one from Target when Den got back from Tampa and it is the softest, most comfortable blanket we have ever owned. Den LOVES it. So, it was a natural choice to make his bed there feel a little more like home. This is the "SLEEP TIGHT" part of the box.

For the "DON'T LET THE BEDBUGS BITE" part I decorated the top flaps of the box with these cute little spiders on suction cups and springs that I found in the dollar spot.

"HIT THEM WITH A SHOE" is a nice pair of warm fuzzy slippers. "AND THEY'LL TURN BLUE" is a pair of warm fleecy blue plaid pajama pants. I also threw in a magazine, some soap (because he forgot to take extra with him), and some Candy Corn M&M's, no relation to the theme, he just LOVES them.

So that was our "Good Night" box. A "Good Morning" box seemed like a logical progression, so that is what we are working on for this week. I'll try and remember to take pictures as I pack the box this time.

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