Monday, October 22, 2012

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Our dear, dear friends the Chinnocks, are here in Tucson for a month or so before they head over to the ROK. We are trying to cram as much time together in as possible. Yesterday after church, we drove out to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous day.

I absolutely love their hummingbird exhibit. Next to my kids, (and other people's kids) animals are my favorite photography subject. I was so excited that they hummingbirds were cooperative with my madness.

The Bog Horn Sheep were just dying to pose for me

So were these big corny girls

Somehow this is the only picture I ended up with of Paige and Abby

I am pretty sure this squirrel may be morbidly obese

Summer and Meli - these two have been buds since they were 15 months old and we all lived in Tucson the first time.

Martha and I skipped the aviary. She doesn't like birds and I don't like being pooped on. Summer came running out of the exhibit, followed closely by another lady who was practically hyperventilating. So, of course, I had to go in and see what all the fuss was about. This guy is by far the biggest spider I have EVER seen. It wasn't part of an exhibit either, it was just crawling around. It's hard to reference it's size from the picture, but it was bigger than my hand. No way was I putting it down there for size comparison. 

Gratuitous beaver shot!

You thought the squirrel was fat? Check out these portly prairie dogs!

 This is what fall looks like here

I was happy to get some shots of animals that frequent our yard from safely behind a fence. This coyote was so pretty. 

Then there's these nasty little buggers - javalinas. Don't let their slightly cute pig-like appearance fool you - They are stinky, vicious, destructive, and they make my dogs bark at night while I am trying to sleep, automatically making me think someone is trying to break into the house. Which then makes me sit in the dark and jump at every little sound. I am a sleep deprived women and it is all their fault! Plus, they are technically rodents, which would make me hate them on principle.

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