Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Week In The Life: 29 Sep - 6 Oct

I ran across this idea on Pinterest, and decided to start doing these posts for Den. He's probably already seen all of these pics, but this way he gets a retrospective

On Sunday, Paige spent all afternoon trying to coax Diesel into the pool to swim with her. Unlike most labs, Diesel is not a huge fan of water. He has been showing a little interest in the pool, so P was bound and determined to get him to swim with her.

Success!!! I love the look on her face at the end.

On Monday, I had a blooper reel moment. I swear, sometimes I think that I am on a Truman Show type sitcom. I have no other explanation for the random crap that happens to me. I was trying to be Mrs. Responsible Pool Owner. I took water to the pool store to be analyzed and they said I really needed to add some muriatic acid. So, after carefully reading the directions and all the warnings on the box, I measured out the correct amount, being careful not to spill any, and then I cautiously picked it up off the table, being careful not to slosh. Then I stepped back right off the patio and managed to pour the entire measuring cup of acid all over myself. (For those of you who don't know, Muriatic acid is a solution of 34% Hydrochloric Acid) Of course, I gasped as I realized I was falling off the patio, and gasped again when the acid hit me, effectively filling my lungs with a double shot of vapors. Thankfully, the acid missed my face and mostly just spilled down my arm. I choked my way into the house and followed my high school lab safety rules (Thanks Mr. Bradshaw, wherever you are) and got all the acid cleaned off my skin. My shirt, unfortunately, didn't survive the soaking. Then I called poison control to make sure I didn't need medical attention for inhaling the vapors, which I didn't. After cleaning up what spilled on the porch, I decided that a morning that included a HAZMAT spill definitely excused me from any and all chores for that day, so I spent the rest of the day being a slug. Until I had to pick the girlies up from school. Anyway, it's hard to see in the picture, but anywhere the acid touched my skin it looked like I had psoriasis. My skin just started flaking off. It was totally gross. Thankfully, a shower with some apricot scrub took care of that.

This week was Spirit Week at Summer's school. Tuesday was Sports Day. Unfortunately, Summer has outgrown her Longhorns gear, so Spurs it was.

Paige totally rocked the scarf that Jen brought her back from Italy

Summer won the "Most Spirited" Spirit Stick at practice Tuesday night

Wedesday was Pajama Day

Wednesday afternoon, the girlies and I went to our first Hearts Apart dinner at the bowling alley on base. It was nice to see so many families there. I also randomly met a girl from my home town. What are the odds?!?

The girls had a short practice on Wednesday night, and then we did Zumba at the field as a fundraiser for one of the teams going to Nationals. Well, the girls did Zumba, I haven't been cleared to even get on the elliptical yet, so I watched.

Paige and Elizabeth shaking it.

On Thursday I found these chips at the Commissary. We are totally having Halloween nachos one night.

Thursday night, Paige and I met the other Bulldogs ladies at Pita Jungle for our monthly coffee. Summer opted to stay home with our babysitter, Veronica, who she L-O-V-E-S loves. The sunset was gorgeous.

Meanwhile, at home, Summer and V worked on making Summer's crazy hat for school the next day

Crazy Hat Day!

Friday was Homecoming in Poquoson, so Summer decided she needed to wear Poquoson gear to cheer practice

After practice, it was off to her school's Fall Festival

Saturday was game day. The Cowboys (Tucson, not Dallas) totally annihilated the Chargers. P doesn't have any Cowboys gear, so she commandeered Den's hat for the game

Does this remind anyone of the Islander Beat? I was distracting her with the camera.

One more cheer

It was SO hot at the game. Seriously. It's October...

Saturday night, I was sorting through the Halloween decorations and Summer found the glitter makeup and disappeared with it. This is the result. Hard to see in the pic, but she was definitely SPARKLY!

So that was our week in pictures. As weeks go, and with the exception of the HAZMAT spill, it was a pretty darn good one.

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