Monday, October 22, 2012

A Week In The Life: 14 Oct - 20 Oct

This was a pretty slow week here around Casa De Haggis. It started off with 24 hours of communing with the porcelain gods followed by two days of absolute exhaustion as a result. While I was down for the count, the girlies were absolute dreams. They entertained themselves, got along, and even did some chores around the house without being asked. They also, apparently got ahold of my phone to take some pictures.

Ahh, the elusive Candy Corn Oreos. I have been stalking my local Target for weeks in hopes of getting my hands on a package of these! 

Sunday afternoon I woke up from a nap to Paige telling Summer, "Hang on, I have to get my pie crust out of the oven." I thought I was dreaming, until the smell of a freshly gingerbread crust came wafting into my consciousness. I drug myself down to the kitchen and got this shot right as Paige was getting ready to put the now filled pie back into the oven. Note the huge bags under my girl's eye's and pair that image with....

This one! I woke Paige up about a half hour early because she wanted to get in some last minute studying for a test. I came in to her room about 45 minutes later and found her like this. Sound asleep, sitting up, with her unopened notebook in her lap. Now add this photo to the last one and you get...

One sick girlie!

We had an absolutely spectacular sunset on Tuesday night.

Summer loved the new shirt that Great Gran sent her

Wednesday was a difficult day here at Casa De Haggis. Paige was very excited to try out for her school's soccer team, but didn't make the cut. She was devastated. Watching your child deal with their first big disappointment and not being able to make it better has to be a circle of Hell.

The kid even looks cute in big oversized nerd glasses

Friday I awoke to news of Big Tex going up in flames. So sad. 

Saturday, after cheerleading practice the girlies and I loaded up the car and headed to Apple Annie's for some apple picking. The apples were pretty picked over, but we got our pumpkins and 2 huge bags of Asian pears that we picked right off the trees. You can read about it here.

So that was our week in a nutshell. Hope you had a great week too!

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