Sunday, June 16, 2013

An Homage To My Guy on Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day, I thought I would put together some pics of Den being the awesome Dad that his is. 

 Equally at home lighting up the Taliban AND lighting the candles on a giant purple roller skate cake (which he baked AND decorated I might add)

I love that he shares my belief that, while school is great and very important, a lot more learning can come from experiencing life, whether it be a history lesson walking through the monuments of Washington DC or a chemistry lesson when a random truck with a HAZMAT placard passes us on the freeway. 

Have I mentioned that he is a pretty awesome hunka hunka hubby too?

Lemme get that giant tree out of your way

This one just makes me laugh. Here is this guy toting his war-battered camo backpack strolling along under the shade of pink and purple umbrellas.

Hard to see in the pic, but here he is Face Timing in to congratulate the girlies on the completion of their MDS Race

This one pretty much says it all about the girlies' feelings about their Dad

 And his feelings about his girlies

Happy Father's Day to the best father I could ever hope for for my daughters. Thank you for being an example of everything a husband and father should be.

 Oh, and Respect the Stache. Respect it!

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