Saturday, June 1, 2013

Disney Cruisin' - Character Breakfast on the High Seas

Our second day at sea was a double treat! Character breakfast AND it was formal night! Summer, especially was very excited about getting all dressed up. But first, it was down to Parrot Cay for breakfast. First, though, I'll take a minute to explain the dining situation on the Wonder. There are five restaurants on board - The Beach Blanket Buffet, which is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and is,  as the name suggests, a buffet. Animator's Palate is a sit-down restaurant that is only open for dinner and is really a neat place. The restaurant starts out in black and white, and as the meal progresses, begins to change to color. Parrot Cay is a family-style restaurant that is open for all 3 meals, and offers a buffet-style breakfast and  lunch, and a sit-down dinner. Triton's is probably the fanciest of the three main restaurants and is open for all three meals as table-service only. Finally, Palo is the adults-only restaurant located on Deck 10 of the ship and quite possibly has the best food I have ever eaten. The coolest thing is that on your first night, you are paired with another family who shares some common traits with your own and are assigned a Dining Room staff, consisting of a Head Server, Server, and Assistant Server. From then on, you remain with the same family and staff for the rest of your dinners on the ship. This allows the servers to learn your likes and dislikes and helps them to customize their recommendations on the menu each night. The same also applies to your Character Breakfast.

Meet our dining companions, the Goetz family. Mike, Rachel, Connie, and Heidi. Connie and Heidi are the same ages as Paige and Summer, so it's pretty obvious why we ended up seated together. The girls got along very well and ended up doing things together outside the dining room as well.

The Character Breakfast includes everyone wearing hats made from tableware. In the background you can see our Server, Omar, and our Assistant Server, Ajit.

Now, about the title. The seas were incredibly rough today. Summer and I ended up spending most of the day laying in bed watching movies because we were SO seasick. In fact, we have no pictures at all from Formal Night, because she and I each managed about 3 bites of our dinner and then we had to go back to bed. 

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