Thursday, June 6, 2013

Disney Cruisin' - Tourists

What? What's that you say Mr. Weatherman? Two sunny days in a row in San Francisco? Looks like we brought the sunshine with us from Arizona. You're welcome San Franciscans. We spent our second beautiful day in San Fran playing tourist. It was great. I was totally one of those camera-toting people that you roll your eyes at when they come to your city. 

First stop for my animal-loving girlies was the Sea Lions again.

I had an overwhelming desire to rub this one's belly, but judging by the fact that all the other sea lions gave him a wide berth, he probably would have eaten my face off or something.

We HAD to make the obligatory pilgrimage to Chinatown. I haven't felt that out of my element since my first day in Songtan.

These little waving cats are everywhere. Den and I first came across them in Hawaii of all places. I almost bought one then just because they made me smile. Ditto for this time.

Oddly, buying fans and parasols were on Summer's must do list for Chinatown

Outside one of the shops sat Zoltar. These things always remind me of the movie Something Wicked This Way Comes. That movie scared the bejeezus out of me when I was a kid. Thankfully, this particular Zoltar was not possessed and even cracked jokes while spitting our your fortune.

Overpriced mystery Dim Sum makes Den so happy.

By the time we were ready to head back toward the pier, the cable cars were PACKED! So, here I am hanging off the side of one. :)

It was such a beautiful day, that we decided to stop at the waterfront park in front of the Ghiradelli factory to lay in the grass and let the girls fly the kits they bought in Chinatown

Well hey there handsome!

Finally, the quintessential tourist stop - Fisherman's Wharf...

Where we, you guessed it, had soup in bread bowls

Around 5:00, the ship set sail for probably one of the Top 10 Coolest Things I've Ever Done

Not sure how, but I managed nose position.

We sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge! It was pretty awesome I have to say. We spent the rest of the evening having fun on the ship and letting my camera battery charge.

Oh, and let's not forget praying that the next two days at sea were not like the previous day.

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