Saturday, June 1, 2013

Disney Cruisin' - I Left My Heart in San Francisco

For the next two days, we were ashore in San Francisco. The first day we rented a car to see what we could see. Not a lot of commentary on this one because there are a LOT of pictures. 

No trip to San Fran would be complete without a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge

After playing tourist for a bit we headed for a place I've wanted see since my uncle was playing pro baseball in California when I was a kid. 

You can't see it in the picture, but this doe had a little fawn tucked up into the brush

The sheer size of the trees in this forest amazes me

We ended up taking a 5 mile hike through the forest. I SWEAR that three of those miles went steeply uphill.

My favorite part of the forest had to be Cathedral Grove. It's a quiet area, so there isn't even any talking allowed. All you hear is nature.

Tree Huggers!

After leaving the forest, we took a random unmarked side road to see where it went and we stumbled upon Muir Beach. It was pretty chilly out and very very windy, so we practically had the whole beach to ourselves.

After exploring the rocks at the beach we got on Hwy 1 and headed for Sonoma. No wine tasting for us since the girlies would have been bored out of our minds, but we did stumble upon a cheese tasting where Summer, of all things, fell in love with Lavender Jack cheese. We hadn't been on the highway 30 seconds before both girlies were out cold.

Once we made out little trip to Wine Country, we returned the rental car and strolled back towards the Pier, where Den, who has been to San Francisco before, very excitedly surprised us with our first glimpse of the Pier 39 sea lions!! The girls were so excited!

When we got back to out stateroom, we found a plate of treats and a note saying that we had been chosen as this cruise's Magic Family and that we should be expecting all kinds of treats for the remainder of the cruise. And did they deliver! Every afternoon something showed up in our room with a little not from our Guest Services rep, Sarah.

 We decide to forego the screening of Iron Man 3 and headed to the family lounge for drinks and a game show. 

After dinner we found Goofy and Minnie just hanging around the lobby

One of the girlies' favorite parts of the evening was coming back to the room after dinner and the evening activities were over to see what towel animal our Stateroom Attendant, Juni, had left for them.

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