Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Product Review: The Breeze Cat Litter System and the Litter Genie Litter Disposal System

This is the first product review that I have ever done, but rarely do I came across a product that I feel the need to review. Den and our cat, Gidget, pretty much have a mutual dislike for one another. So any time I find something that will address one of his complaints about the cat, I will give it a try. The Breeze Litter System and The Litter Genie address his complaint about the smell of the litter box and the fact that there is always litter dust on the floor on the laundry room. (Both of which are GROSS overstatements)

I got the Litter Genie first, about 3 months ago. If you have babies, you'll know what I am referencing when I say that it works pretty much just like the Diaper Genie. You open the top, scoop the litter into the genie, close the lid, and then pull the handle that drops everything down into the bag and contains the smell. The Litter Genie advertises that you can go 2 weeks before emptying it, but the thought of leaving poop sitting for 2 weeks grosses me out. I empty it once a week when I clean the litter box. 

I have been using the Breeze Litter System for about 6 weeks now. It's kind of genius. The concept is that the cat does it's business and urine goes directly down into what looks like a heavy duty puppy bad and solid waste stays in the pan to be scooped and disposed of. (Enter the Litter Genie!) It uses this weird pellet litter that is a little expensive, BUT you only change the pellets out once a month! As a warning, it did take Gidget a while to get used to the pellets. They freaked her out at first and she didn't use the bathroom for like 2 days. Had I read the directions, I could have avoided that by slowly mixing the pellets in with her regular litter over a few weeks' time. I change out the pad underneath once a week and I never get that litter box smell anymore. Plus there is no litter dust anywhere. Score!

But, Sarah, how do you clean all this stuff? I'm glad you asked. I spray both the Genie and the Breeze down with Lysol every week when I empty the Genie and change the Breeze's pad. I also wipe off any surface dirt with a Lysol wipe. When I actually change out the Breeze's pellets, I wash both items in a weak bleach solution and let them dry in the sun. I also spray the pellets and the bag part of the Genie with Nature's Best Litter Box Odor Eliminator every day, just in case Gidget ate a bug or lizard that may have disagreed with her.

There are very few products that I say are 100% worth paying full price for to me. One is organic milk, and another is Jif Peanut Butter. These two products fall into that category. I haven't heard Den complain about the litter box in over a month. I win!

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