Friday, July 5, 2013

Today We Celebrate... Our Independence

This year, we broke our usual Tucson tradition of heading up to Summerhaven for their parade and instead headed over to our friends Pete and Laura Matthews' house for a squadron BBQ and "EPIC" fun. 

A little pool time....

A little Cornhole....

A little giant Jenga....

And a little Beer Pong.

Once we left Pete and Laura's we picked up some fireworks and headed home for our own celebration. This is the latest game to come out of Den's brain.

Summer couldn't quite hang on to the chair AND jump

After some dogs and watermelon it was time for the Casa de Haggis Fireworks Extravaganza with our neighbors. It was a really great, low-key holiday and here's a confession for you. 4th of July kind of snuck up on me this year, I hate to admit it. I did not put up single decoration OR buy the girlies a 4th of July shirt. Bad momma, no cookie!

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