Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The List... Or What Summer's Into At the Moment

Well, it's that time of year again. Her majesty's birthday is right around the corner, and, because she is her mother's daughter, she has made a list of things that she would like for her birthday.

Pink's I Hate Running Line

I Woke Up Like This, Flawless Tee


Nike Pros

Headphone Splitter

Lego Friends (really, she has enough!!!)

Pitch Perfect

She loves almost EVERYTHING Lilly Pulitzer 

Pink Polaroid - this specific one. This was at the very top of her list.

Gift Cards

Beautifully Disney Makeup Line. Good luck finding this unless you're AT Disney

Cheer Bows

Kate Spade Keds (I think these are covered)

We have been looking for one of these stuffed aliens for 3 years. If you find one, buy it!

You can never go wrong with anything Disney for Summer

 Baby Lips

Trampoline Chair (NO NO NO NO NO)

Dumbo Plush

She really like these workout tanks because she can wear them to cheer. She ESPECIALLY likes them if they are Disney themed

She likes this specific tank. I think you can get it on Etsy

Cool Story Bro

 The Fault in Our Stars Movie, Book, and Shirt (She REALLY likes this movie)

A JUMBO Baymax plush

Other things on her list that are more difficult to picture - Clothes, Ellie's curling iron (Ellie is her friend and I have no idea what kind of curling iron she has), Sparkly things, Disney custom Tom's (I actually have a really cute idea for these on our next Disney trip), and everything on her pinboards on her Pinterest and mine. 

Summer may be a lot of things, but vague is not one of them!

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