Sunday, May 24, 2009


Howdy from El Baghdad!
Well folks I actually got to have a Surf n Turf last night. I now should only have fourteen left. Last night I went with chicken breast and lobster tail. The chicken tasted fishy and the lobster was overcooked and hard to chew. It was all OK though because I spent the past two nights in Bahrain. Bahrain is the vacation spot for the middle east. Fine living and good food. I was able to enjoy what I could afford, but it was nice brushing my teeth with running water and not bottled water, and walking around the hotel room with my shoes off. It was a good stay, but not so relaxing because I always have to worry about the next meeting or event for the big guy. Things are definitely warming up here also as it was 111 degrees yesterday, and that is just the start. I hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend. Please fly those Flags proudly and enjoy a good backyard BBQ this weekend.

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