Saturday, May 2, 2009

17 To Go

Well guess what...only 17 more Surf n Turfs left. I could not bring myself to eating that steak and fried shrimp last night. Instead I had a Ham (hold the swine flu) and Turkey Panini with a Crab meat salad for my surf n turf night. It was not as good as it sounds trust me but still not bad either. I elected not to have my weekly dessert of Ice Cream because I have been a bit of a slack this week at the gym. Big guy and I were very busy this past week and this next week is even busier. I just have to schedule more "Stress Managment" time (Gym Time) into the schedule. I hope all is going great with everyone and hope that the H1N1 flu leaves everyone alone.

Time for a war story:
Somebody found an iron, don't ask why, and plugged it into the same power strip as the coffee pots. This overloaded the circuit causing the coffee making process at 0600 in the morning to be at a standstill. Not good. So I had to re-work a few things to include flipping circuit breakers and finding new outlets finally got the coffee brewing again. It was a close call. This place is wired in a scary way. There are actually screws in place of circuit breakers as jumpers and ALL of the wires are RED!

OK, I know this was not as exciting as my real war stories from Afghanistan but it will have to suffice. Please take care and say hello to a stranger and ask them how they are doing.

There is a chow hall here that has college flags and banners hanging all over it. TX State sent this one to add to the collection.

On a plane to Al Asad
Al Asad AB, Iraq
Promotion ceremony that I MC'd
Helping with the promotee's new rank

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