Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm Melting!

I think I have 16 Surf n Turf's left. I do not have my number behind me right now because I am not at my desk.. I am on the road with the big guy. Food is the same.....not bad, but not great either. I hope this email finds everybody well today, and I hope the weather is great for you. Where I am currently it is getting up to 110 degrees with 100% humidity. Now that is what I would like to call HOT and it is only May. There is about a five degree difference when you hang out in the shade, but it still does not matter. Great news for replacement has been named. One step closer to getting back to my three girls and good ole USA. I have to get going now but please enjoy a nice, COLD, beverage for me today that was made in AMERICA by an AMERICAN.

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