Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Other than Dennis being gone, I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I feel very blessed to have been gifted with such a wonderful and loving family. Dennis got me a new phone, which I have really been wanting.

Summer made me a beautiful plate with her picture on it that I am going to use to store my ribbon scraps on my scrapbooking table. She also made me a tote bag that I proudly carried to church today. Paige made me some beautiful I.O.U flowers and picked the biggest most beautiful rose off our rose bush for me. She also wrote me a poem called Special Breeze. It was so wonderful that I had to take video of her reciting it so that I could share it with everyone.

After a nice relaxing morning, we enjoyed a great sermon on the great mothers of the bible. There is just something about the way that Rev. Walsh delivers a sermon that really holds my attention. As a special treat, the Children's Choir performed in honor of their moms. It was wonderful.

After church the girls took me to The Briar Patch, which is a yummy little tea room here in Poquoson. We spent the afternoon at the park and now we are watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition together as a family. What a blessed life I have!

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