Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009 Airpower Over Hampton Roads

We spent Saturday out at Langley at the air show. I love air shows. I love everything about them. I love pilots and planes and the smell of jet fuel. I get teary eyed during the heritage flights and the Thunderbirds show. Anyway, this one was great. Paige was happy as a clam because we brought her friend Carter with us. Summer completely stole the show with her cuteness. We even got access to restricted areas because of it!

Summer, Paige, and Carter
Summer checks out the cockpit and refueling bay of a KC-135 while...
Paige and Carter hang out in the shade under the wing
Paige and Carter
THIS is how you rock a flight suit when it's' 90 degrees out.
NASA's giant inflatable bouncy slide
All access cuteness

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