Saturday, April 18, 2009

Den's Weekly Update

Howdy to all! Only 19 more Surf n Turf's to go! This week has flown by. Thank goodness. Took the new boss to the Embassy this past week. They have the best chow in the whole country. I think they actually put flavor other than butter on their dishes. We also had another nasty dust storm this past week. There is so much dirt in the air that it actually makes your hair itch (what hair I do have that is). Really nasty fine sand/dirt. I found a good rug dealer here if anyone would like to throw some money away. Hand woven silk rugs 3x5 for about $900 depending on the detail. Evidently this is a real good deal, according to some, the same rug can cost $3k back in the states. May I kindly remind everyone that you walk on these. All in all the muddy water is settling out around here....for now.

Please continue living Red, White, and Blue and enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee while not doing anything else except for looking at how great America computers, newspapers, or TV....just America. Take care and Godspeed!

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