Friday, April 10, 2009

The Poetic Stylings of Haggis

Well that was another one down! I decided to go with Lobster tails (not really sure if that is what it was) and salad to support my new boss who is Catholic. He is doing a great job but he is about 180 out from my last boss. Very unpredictable, but he really wants to do whatever he can for the guys on the ground providing the Freedom for Iraq. I just need to be ready for that last minute, "hey Haggis lets go here stuff".

I was thinking the other day about how to best explain what it is I am doing over here that is so much different than what I did last time. I came up with this little "poem" that might help you better understand what it is I actually am doing:

A General is like a Swan.....
Gliding through the water ever so gracefully
Looking Regal, demanding respect, and turning heads as he glides by.....

The Exec is like the Swans feet......
Thrashing excitedly to get the swan where it needs to go
Gives the swan support when he needs it
And occasionally gets crapped on.

That about sums it up. I hope you all have an wonderful Easter weekend and please do me a favor and go visit a park or something with grass, and go run around in it.....

Have fun and Godspeed!

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