Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Update

Howdy all!
Well only 21 more to go. The past two weeks I have missed the Surf n turf here, and last night I had the steak (not really sure if it is real meat) and the overcooked rubbery crablegs. I guess I did NOT really miss it too much the past two weeks. Especially last week when I was in Bahrain and eating Sushi and some other weird expensive foods. Traveling with the big guy is nice. I have discovered a new fruit that is actually very tasty. If you have never had a Date or can't remember when you last had one grab some and taste. They are delicious...which probably means not good for you, but at least you will stay regular. Well again busy day and week for me so I will keep Sarah posted on daily events and get back to you all when I can. Take care and Wear a pair of Flip Flops for me. My feet never get to see the daylight anymore. Godspeed!

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