Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Big 12

Wow! Now where did that week go? We are down to number 12 now, I think, and I have no idea how that happened. I picked up an extra job here so things have been busier than before. I really wish I could have those leisurely 14-16 hour days back in exchange for what I am doing now. I am so fortunate that I am working these hours here rather than at home where I have my girls would be waiting on me. It has been a tough week, but yesterday I recieved and email from my Mom with this verse in it.......

Ephesians ch 6... we are to put on the whole armor of God....the breastplate of righteousness .....our loins girt about with truth; .......put on the helmet of salvation, .......protect our steps with the shoes of peace.......the shield of Faith and the sword of the Spirit.

Great passage that we have all heard before, and well timed with the delivery. It helped me to focus on what we are doing here in Iraq somehow. There are a great many people doing extraordinary tasks that are above and beyond the scope and realm of the logic of a normal American who has never seen this war before. Everyday I meet some amazing people who are risking thier lives for the Americans and Iraqis to make it a better world for us all.
Ok....down off of the soapbox. Must have been the good coffee you all have sent me. Seriously though, I am now down to just 6.5 million seconds left in Iraq. Yeah! Thank you all again for the emails and support. I know that most of you have visit plans to see my girls this summer and I hope all goes well for your trip. Also I would like to send a warm congrats to Jordan who will be graduating on Saturday. The first time I met her she was younger than Paige. That is scary. Well done Jordan!

Leaving Al Faw Palace this past Monday I had the opportunity to shake the hand of Mack Brown from UT Longhorns football. The coaches were doing a USO visit. He was surprised to hear that my name was Haggis. Oh well.

Well I am off to help out the big guy.

I plan on having that Root Beer float today. Do me a favor, go for a drive on any one of our Great American roads with the windows or top down on the car. Feel the wind and enjoy. We do not get to drive around very much on the roads here, and when we do the windows are up and we are wearing body armor. Much less enjoyable.

Godspeed and love all!

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