Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Last of the Double Digits

Here we go! Down the home stretch! Ten more of those savory surf n turf nights left, with that so yummy steak that breaks your plastic knife and sticks in your teeth for days to come....mmm...mmmm...mmmmm. At least I had some warm food. Yet another long week has come to an end. Paige had her birthday party and turned 9 years old. I am so proud of them both, as well as my wife who has managed to pull off both parties with success.

I am moving out of my trailer because I have a room mate who just moved in and he stinks. I mean the burn your nose kind of stink. When you sleep in the same room as a guy with a loaded weapon it is much wiser to just move out rather than ask him to use soap and water. I am homeless right now but will have a fit room shortly.

Please say a prayer for a co-worker of mine. His daughter had surgery today, and she is young. I know how tough it can be to be away when your girl is having surgery and it is not easy. I was "crossing the pond" the day Summer had her tonsils removed.

Well not too many of these left thankfully, but for now go to bed early and smell no smells. You too Brent.

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