Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holy Crow When Did That Happen?

Apparently, since Dennis has been gone I have found all the pounds that our dog, Diesel, has lost. This, of course, has been helped along generously by the fact that eating out is SO much easier than cooking and the whole plantar fasciitis issue that has kept me out of the gym since early May. I have decided to take the baby steps approach to taking these newly acquired curves off. My gut instinct was to order another Neera cleanse off the internet (which I still might do because I love love love the way I feel when it's over) and hit the gym Biggest Loser style. Those may take the weight off, but they are not going to change the bad habits that put it on in the first place. They say (whoever they are) that is you can do something for 2 weeks straight it will become habit. Therein lies my plan. Every 2 weeks I will address one of these bad habits and hopefully turn it around. I will also work on bettering my diet and getting some more exercise along the way. So, here we are. I am posting a ticker on here with a goal date of August 31st. I don't have a specific goal attached to that date yet, but it does fall right in the middle of the time frame that Den should be coming home.

Now to the habit setting portion of my plan:

I do not drink enough water. I know I don't. Since being properly hydrated is a cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle, this is the habit I am going to tackle first. I am going to get all my whining out of the way now. I don't like the way water tastes. That's really my only beef with it. Most of those drink mixins, though are full of either sugar (I may as well have Kool-Aid) or are loaded with artificial sweeteners, which I have cut almost completely out of our home.

After doing some research along the aisles of the commissary, I ran across these on the health food aisle.

These do contain sucralose, which I am not a fan of, but it is a very small amount. Plus I am getting 40% of my daily fiber requirements. The packets are designed for a 16.9 oz. bottle, but I mix one into my BPA free 32oz. Nalgene bottle. It gives the water just enough flavor to make it appealing to me. I also picked up some Gatorade G2 mixins for after workouts.

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