Monday, June 1, 2009

Lucky #13

You got it. Thirteen more Surf-n-Turf's to go. Last night I had a chicken breast with some kind of sesame sauce on it and one crab leg....mmmm.....mmmm.....mmmm....delicious. This week started off slow, but picked back up with a vengeance. Many things that are super crazy going on right now. As you all know my lovely Bride is celebrating her birthday tomorrow on Sunday, and once again Big Brother has sent me away. Please call her and send her some birthday wishes.

I hope that all is well for everyone these days. I thank you all for the e-mails you have sent me. I just got past the 101 days away from home mark today, so I should be on the downslide. I will not hold my breath though, never certain until that plane lands where my three girls are waiting.

I impressed the crowd at dinner tonight. I took one scoop of vanilla, some strawberries, and a banana (it was banana day, rare treat) and put them together for a bit of a banana split. It rarely occurs to some people to do these things. It is funny how we can get so used to ordering off of a menu rather than picking up ingredients and making your own food. I think next week I will show them how to make a Root Beer Float.

Please do me a favor this weekend and grab a tub of Blue Bell or your favorite vanilla ice cream and some ice cold root beer and make a float.

Be an Inventive American, not someone who orders off of a menu.

Please take care and tell everyone hello for me!

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