Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Confessions from the Change Jar

I love it when I get little unexpected glimpses into the inner workings of the hub. In the top of his closet he keeps a battered old cardboard oatmeal box that he empties the change (and an assortment of other things) from his pockets into. Every once in a while when the bottom is threatening to fall out of the box he will bring it to me and ask me to cash in the change for him. What I find in the box along with the change is kind of a mini personal history. Receipts and honey do lists, odds and ends, this and that, I love finding these little pieces of his story. Today was no exception. Today I was scouting for dimes for a drive at Summer's school. In the change jar, I found....

1. A receipt for a radiator from Precision Engineering in Tucson from 2004.
2. A ticket stub from the Arizona Heat vs. Texas Thunder game on June 3, 2006.
3. A pretty much illegible to do list that I think has something to do with the dogs.
4. 2 baggage claim tickets - 1 from an Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul to San Francisco and 1 from an America West Flight from San Francisco to Phoenix.
5. An invoice and receipt for a dozen fire and ice roses from 2006. (What a great hubby!)
6. A screwdriver bit
7. The spur off a pair of spurs
8. A rhinestone
9. 4 Barbie-sized soda cans that I am pretty sure came with the Barbie Cruise Ship that P got when she was 4.
10. An entire set of Barbie cutlery that I assume came from the same thing.
11. Half of a snap off a jacket
12. A bolt
13. A 5 peso coin and 2 1 peso coins
14. A Kennedy Half Dollar
15. 3 Sacajawea gold dollars
16. 3 Chuck E. Cheese tokens
17. 2 other assorted tokens (one car wash, one video game, I think)
18. 2 gum wrappers (Extra spearmint) and a Hershey's Kiss wrapper

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